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Albert’s List is a dynamic technology/social referrals/hiring and consulting firm focused on helping over 27,000+ new graduates and seasoned professionals find meaningful work, connect to relevant connections, and bridge the conversation between professionals and the people who hire them. We believe in empowering professionals to seek their voice, acknowledging their hard work, and providing a platform to rise to the occasion, and are committed to helping professionals discover their greatness. Members have been hired at Fortune 500 firms, startups, and small businesses, driving $3 million+ in economic activity throughout California.

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The Albert’s List Story

The Great Recession of 2009 was harsh on everyone, especially new graduates who found themselves unable to take on internships while being crowded out by more experienced professionals. In an educational world where school didn’t teach the art of hustle, many individuals including Albert found themselves lost and unsure of how to participate as productive members of society.

Albert’s epiphany came on a warm California day. While struggling to understand why he and so many of his peers were frustrated in their job search, he took his questions to LinkedIn and was contacted by a professional who said two things: Network and give to others. Armed with simple, yet powerful knowledge, Albert developed an initial online database of contacts in an Excel spreadsheet which he shared with anyone he knew.

There was scalability in this, however, and Albert found it while on Facebook in March 2013, when he started Albert’s Job Listings & Referrals. Initially built to dump job leads he didn’t pursue, the group grew slowly in its early years. However, as word spread around the Bay Area and through Facebook, members began joining, connecting, and discovering opportunities they would not have considered otherwise.

Today, Albert’s List is a growing venture, aiming to disrupt the struggle that is the modern job search, hampered by missed opportunities, unknown best practices, and endless rejections. Now with communities serving Southern California, Seattle, New York, Austin, and Chicago – as well as inspired communities in South Florida and Barcelona, job seekers find a little more solace in knowing that help is just a few clicks away.

We hope you can join us too.


About Albert

Albert Qian is a marketing and talent acquisition entrepreneur professional with 5+ years experience in the cloud, networking, and software industry. A Silicon Valley native, Qian splits his time between Southern and Northern California and enjoys trying to learn how to surf, a good meal, and a great job search story. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.



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