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What Others are Saying

“Jane Fan provided me with the professional advice I needed to transition my career into sales. She suggested that I reflect upon the true reasons that I wanted a career in sales and to fully articulate that during my interviews. She could sense my passion for my career and she was caring enough to find the time to help me. I would highly recommend speaking to Jane Fan if you are looking for ways to advance your career.
Michael Figueroa, Sales Professional

“Albert’s List gave me the resources, experience, and knowledge to keep a job transition from retail to another field.”
Customer Success Specialist

The three months prior to Albert’s List have been difficult in securing a job. Being a recent college graduate, there were many unknown unknowns in job searching. I didn’t know how to write a compelling resume, position myself in e-mail introductions, and who the right people were to talk to. Albert’s List is a community of support who helped me out greatly in navigating the gap between college and career
Product Manager

Albert’s List provides a unique opportunity for any motivated job-seeker to get connected with the right people over an expansive network!
Operations Manager

Through Albert’s List, I was connected to one of the most meaningful positions of my life!
Social Media Specialist