Sometimes life takes us off the beaten path, causing us to consider whether we are making the right decision. Consider the following question from an Albert’s List HR professional, named Jane, who took an administrative assistant job to make ends meet:

I am currently on a contract on my 4th week to keep busy that is not in the realm of my career while I look for full-time work in Recruiting Coordinator, HR Admin, HR Coordinator roles. The company is interested in converting me into full-time. I am not sure if I accept the role, my question is will I be committing career suicide? I have been interviewing on the side and I have not received an offer as of yet. The company would like to know an answer if I wish to stay with them and accept the opportunity by this week.

A few members decided to offer their opinion, with the prevailing thought being that the poster should take the job. After all, she still has bills to pay to survive.

The Albert’s List Take

There are two ways to look at this:

  1. Silicon Valley is Expensive: In cost-heavy Silicon Valley, any work is a blessing. While going off the beaten path is a risk, having a job is always better than not being able to pay rent. Additionally, the modern work life means that employees more than ever are able to continue pursuit of their intended career path on the side while building wealth.
  2. A Job is a Job: In a world where work is hard to come by, work of any sort is work nonetheless. Even if you go off the beaten path, it presents some adventurous intentions. After all, if Steve Jobs wasn’t fired from Apple in the ’80s, Pixar would never have come to fruition.

What do you think?

Ask Albert’s List: Am I Committing Career Suicide?
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