Re-entering the workforce is a challenge for those who have left for health or family reasons. However, taking any job may also not be the best decision either, given the skills and pressure on the job. Recently, one of our Albert’s List members asked this question in our Facebook community:

I received an offer from a firm for a role that wasn’t in my scope of roles I was considering (they reached out to me), below the level (in pay and responsibility) that I would prefer, and in an industry I am unfamiliar with. I have until tomorrow to make a decision.

The team seems to be a good cultural fit, but I am wary because I do not feel they have done a strong examination of my skills/what I bring to the table. When I asked about growth prospects the tone was positive and encouraging but undefined. I have also had to go back-and-forth with them on multiple previously agreed on line-items in the offer letter, which worries me.

I have been out of the workforce for 5+ years and am ready to be employed again – hence I am a bit in a tough situation here as the general consensus I hear is that it is better to be employed than unemployed. Any thoughts from recruiters/hiring managers?

As usual, Albert’s List members had their share of opinions.

One said not to take it unless paying rent was immediate:

Unless you need to pay rent right now, I would skip it. I don’t see the upside for you. It pays less and you’re not doing what you want to do. Those jobs are easy to get.

Another remarked that this could be a red flag for the resume:

Will this role hurt you on your resume when you are looking for your next job?

Others asked if there was a chance to take this role in a another manner:

How about taking it on in a contractor capacity until you find something that’s a better fit?

The Albert’s List Take

Ultimately, our original poster ended up passing on the job. We agree with the sentiment: If there are too many things that worry about any role, it’s always best to pass.

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Ask Albert’s List: Do I Accept an Offer I’m Wary Of?

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