In recent years, contract jobs have become the norm, especially in the Bay Area. Without the promise of full-time and the benefits that come with it, employees are sometimes faced with a question of leaving a contract early or waiting until it expires. Albert’s List community member Theresa asks:

Would like to get the group’s thoughts on leaving a contract role early to take an amazing opportunity. Contract came through a recruiter, it’s fairly long term (6 mos) covering a personal absence of a team member. Is it considered rude to back out of a contract role? Would especially like to hear from recruiters.

A few members offered their opinions.

One focused on the future:

I’ve been in that situation. I have two weeks notice, although the recruiter said could leave sooner. It seems like it’s early enough in the contract that you can leave in a decent spot, but I’m sure it’s stressful for the employer. Ultimately, what matters is your future.

Another looked at the job from a pure contract:

It’s not rude to back out of a contract job. It’s not permanent by definition. Contracting is finite with no job security. If you have a full time job, by all means, take it. Look out for yourself first.

And a recruiter focused on the positive:

I’m a recruiter and I’m always really happy for any contract candidates that find an amazing permanent opportunity – I just always ask for two week notice so that we can backfill the role and everyone is happy. 

The Albert’s List Take

We tend to agree with the thoughts above. When it comes to your career, what you want to do comes first. Ultimately, a better opportunity is just that, and we encourage the erasure of any doubt. Take the job and go!

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Ask Albert’s List: Should I Leave a Contract Early?
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