Every year since 2010, Albert’s List founder Albert Qian has written a blog post towards new graduates and what they need to know for the road ahead. From the importance of networking to the need to be self-aware, he’s covered a lot of topics.

Check out what he has to say for 2017 and let us know below if you agree!

Dear Graduate (2017 Edition)
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One thought on “Dear Graduate (2017 Edition)

  • August 1, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Resilience is definitely the BIG and necessary MUST that we all need to muster.
    I found my self unemployed, after a seemingly good company, downsized and I got laid off. This was 2 years ago now, but I kept in touch with my ex colleagues, and found temp work here and there. Then I found myself, not measuring up with some colleagues, in another company, and got laid off the 2nd time.
    I took a few weeks to ponder this, and felt rather annoyed, but soon gave in to the resilience within.
    What I want to emphasize is that I can appreciate that I’m not the only one, who has gone thru this, but that without resilience, you might as well, just curl up and hide in a hole. And that is just not an option.


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