Albert’s List has been featured in press, blogs, and more. We’ll update this list periodically to share what others are saying about us.

Community management and digital marketing are growing skills demanded by modern organizations. The following are blog posts about Albert’s List as an industry case study for building social communities.

January 2014: Wrap Up – Community Manager Interview with Suzanne Brick
Fellow communications and community management expert Suzanne Brick interviews Albert Qian about community management. Read the Article

January 2015: ArCompany – Albert’s Job Listings & Referrals Feature
Social intelligence consultancy firm ArCompany featured Albert’s List in an article discussing the best practices of building social communities. Read the Article

July 2015: How to Get 7,541 People to Like, Trust, and Respect You – Outside of the Classroom
Albert’s List founder Albert Qian joined best-selling author Tam Pham (How to Network Your Way to a Job) on how to build trust around professional communities. Listen to the Podcast

May 2017: 5 Steps to Building Engaged Facebook Communities – San Francisco Online Community Tribe
Albert’s List founder Albert Qian joined SF OCTribe to discuss the best practices of building social communities. Watch the Video


Career Sites
Job-seekers have numerous channels for which to find work. The following are articles that recommend or showcase Albert’s List as one of the many platforms to find appropriate positions and opportunities.

October 2015: Grow Your Business in the Freelance Economy with these 5 Hiring Tips – CloudPeeps
Freelance business marketplace CloudPeeps included Albert’s List on their list of useful Facebook communities to find your next opportunity. Read the Article

December 2015: How to Land a Tech Job (Even if You Don’t Know How to Code) – Mac’s List
Albert’s List founder Albert Qian joined Mac Prichard of Mac’s List to discuss how to break into high tech and use Albert’s List to get there – even if you don’t know how to code. Listen to the Podcast

August 2016: How to Recruit on Facebook – ERE Recruiting Intelligence
Recruitment technology platform ERE featured Albert’s List in a blog sharing how recruiters can use Facebook to hire candidates. Read the Article

September 2016: 4 Ways to Compete for Talent in a Candidate-Driven Marketplace – Ideal AI
Ideal AI featured Albert’s List as an example social community that recruiters can use to find their next hire. Check out the Slides

January 2017: Using Job Boards Effectively – Copeland Coaching
Angela Copeland of Copeland Coaching interviews Albert’s List founder Albert Qian about how to maximize job boards. Listen to the Podcast

April 2017: How I Left my Career in Consulting and Broke into Tech
Rahul Iyer was a consultant looking for a new job. Using communities like Albert’s List and Coding Camp to augment a new education, he was able to move forward. Read the Article

May 2017: Finding the Perfect Freelancer – Daylancer
Finding the perfect freelancer for your project is hard. Daylancer listed Albert’s List alongside Angel List as a place to find your next temporary or remote employee. Read the Article

June 2017: Cultivitae – The Power of Facebook Groups for Finding Jobs and Networking
Career consultant Emily Liou, PHR wrote about how Facebook groups like Albert’s List are useful for finding your next job. Read the Article

June 2017: How to Be an Effective Networker – Helen Chao
Albert’s List Founder Albert Qian joined career consultant Helen Chao to talk about how to make the most of networking. Listen to the Podcast