Week 1: How to find your next job

The first step to do is to be clear about what you want, and be up to date with all digital profiles.

List of questions to be answered 

  • Job Titles – List down the list of job profiles you are interested in working.
  • List of skills – List down the list of skills and qualities required for the listed for the jobs you are targetting.
  • Titles of Jobs Applying – Draft a list of job title which represents the jobs you are looking for.
  • Career goals – Think and answer to yourself on what your career goal is and draft a timeline for that.
  • Target Geography – Know your domain you want to work in and build your list of target geography.

List of Digital profiles to update

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Github
  • Blog
  • Website

By the end of the first week, your target has to be ready with this, which gives you a clarity in what you are looking for, request all our followers who are looking for jobs to start their journey with this first step forward.

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Week 1 – Ground work

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