Week 2: How to find your next job

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good week on the groundwork and looking forward to the next week. Our next week on how to find your next job is all about networking.

To find your next job networking will be the most key strategy. But, make sure you are prepared for the networking meetings, as no one get another chance to create a first impression. Below is the list of ToDo before you step on to your networking meetings.

  • Get familiar with all networking avenues available for you in your locality.
    • Albertslist
    • LinkedIn
    • Shapr
    • Meetup
    • Job Fairs
    • Local groups
  • Get ready with your elevator pitch
    • It is nothing but a 60-second snippet about yourself and what you are looking for the other person or through the event.
  • Create a list of people you would like to get connected with.
  • Create a list of all relevant communities and local events you wish to be a part of.
  • Do a background research on the networking event or the person you are getting connected with.
  • Always be punctual to any networking meetings as that shows your commitment towards the meeting.

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Week 2 – Networking

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